What we’re reading: Qantas to cut 5,000 jobs, touring the Boeing plant, new paint job lands in Philadelphia


Qantas to cut 5,000 jobs, shed aircraft after loss

Qantas will cut 5,000 jobs, sell older aircraft and reduce capital spending after a first-half loss and increased competition.

The deep cuts are part of Qantas’s plans to reduce costs by AUD$2 billion (USD$1.8 billion) over the next three years — a bid by the airline to convince the Australian government and investors it is worthy of the state assistance it says it needs.

Wow! Making planes in the world’s biggest building

If you’ve never toured the Boeing plant, it is something that this blogger highly recommends the next time you’re in Everett, Washington. In the meantime, CNN gives you a virtual tour.

As part of a convention of aviation fans called Aviation Geek Fest, we’re gaining ultra-exclusive access to the factory FLOOR. The public tour is limited to the balcony. We’re about to walk knee-deep where Boeing gives birth to some of the world’s biggest and most advanced airliners, including the 747-8 Intercontinental, the 777 Worldliner and the 787 Dreamliner.

First repainted US Airways plane stops at PHL

The first US Airways plane repainted in American colors arrived in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

It took 13 days and 80 gallons of paint to remove the old US Airways colors, sand, wash, seal seams, repaint, stencil and detail the Airbus A319.

In all, 300 US Airways and 350 American aircraft will get a similar makeover.