What we’re reading: Raising the minimum seat width, the death of the travel brochure, storm in UK causes cancellations


Airbus calls for 18 inch seat minimum width on passenger aircraft

Citing a new research, Airbus is calling on the aviation industry to increase the seat width in Economy from 17 inches to 18 inches.

The ground breaking research conducted by Harley Street medical practice The London Sleep Centre using polysomnography* to record every standard physiological sleep measurement – including monitoring brainwaves, eye, abdominal, chest and hip leg movement – on a selection of passengers revealed that a minimum seat width of 18 inches improved passenger sleep quality by 53 percent when compared to the 1950’s 17- inch standard.

Electronic kiosks herald the death of the travel brochure

Go to almost any hotel lobby and you’ll find a rack full of brochures on things to see and do nearby. Slowly, those paper brochures are going away in favor of electronic kiosks.

The kiosks, which were developed by tech company City Corridor and are popping up in hotels and businesses across the country, are outfitted with large touch screens. Travelers can view information about attractions, see restaurant menus, print out maps and even make reservations through the kiosks. Some kiosks also are programmed to print out information in several different languages to cater to foreign visitors.

Major storm in UK causes cancellation of 130 flights

A major storm lashing the southern part of the UK caused two deaths and the cancellation of 130 flights at London Heathrow.

Initial estimates suggested 60 flights would be canceled at Heathrow on Monday, but that number has since doubled to more than 130 — about 10 percent of flights.

London’s other airports — Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Bristol — had not suffered any cancellations yet, but train and ferry services and roads across the country had also been impacted.

(Photo: CLDoyle/Flickr Creative Commons)