What we’re reading: Record-setting 737 orders, United 787 emergency landing, Iceland’s traditional Christmas


Boeing 737 breaks delivery and order records in 2012

Boeing announced on Monday that its 737 family broke delivery and order records in 2012.

The delivery mark was broken Monday when the 377th Next Generation 737 of the year was delivered to United Airlines. The previous record of 376 was set in 2010.

New United Airlines 787 in emergency landing

A new United Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Houston to Newark had to make an emergency landing in New Orleans due to mechanical issues.

A person at Boeing with knowledge of the incident said the pilot observed “multiple messages” indicating some system errors, and decided to divert “out of an abundance of caution.”

Iceland invites tourists to experience a traditional Christmas

If you find yourself in Iceland in December, the country is inviting you to experience a traditional Christmas.

Inspired by Iceland is showcasing a taste of the country’s unique festive traditions at the heart of Reykjavik’s Christmas village. The city’s festive celebrations will commence on the first Sunday in December with the lighting of the Christmas tree and a visit from the thirteen Yule Lads; Iceland’s answer to Santa Claus.

(Photo: Boeing Company)