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Surviving a canceled flight 101: The impromptu rental car road trip

If your flight has been canceled by Sandy and you absolutely need to get out, you can always try to rent a car. However, there are some things you need to watch for.

· If offered an upgrade from compact or economy to an SUV, decline or inquire about other options.
[Y]our first thought should be fuel consumption and how much this supposedly free upgrade will end up costing you at the pump.

Business travel stress, defined

Those who travel for business regularly know what it’s like, trying to keep up with e-mails, communications, and open projects. A recent survey found that stress for business travelers falls into three categories: time lost, surprises, and routine breakers.

Time lost when a traveler might be working but instead has to stand in a security line can add stress. Thinking, “If I was in the office right now, I could be doing something productive,” adds more stress.

JAL and British Airways expand codeshare agreement to more cities

JAL and British Airways have added more cities to their codeshare agreement.

Japan Airlines (JAL) and British Airways have agreed to add Rome, Milan, Bologna, Amsterdam and Warsaw to their list of codeshare cities from October 28, 2012, when JAL will place its flight indicator on the BA-operated flights between London and these destinations.