What we’re reading: Ryanair CEO rants against passengers, TSA tests liquids after security, cameras add runway safety on planes


Stupid passengers who don’t print off their boarding passes can ‘b*****r off’ says Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, who has been known to suggest adding pay toilets aboard his aircraft, goes on another rant against his own passengers. This time he is ranting against passengers who don’t print their boarding passes ahead of time and is forced to pay a penalty, then complain about it.

The outspoken chief executive of the budget airline said passengers who arrive for flights without a pass are ‘stupid’ and it is right they are charged £60 a time to have one printed at the check-in desk because it is their ‘**** up’.

TSA moves on from your underwear to your Starbucks

The TSA has now decided to test liquids after passengers have passed the security checkpoint.

A passenger flying from Columbus, Ohio, to Oakland, California, over the holiday weekend captured the practice on video while he was sitting with other passengers in the airport’s embarkment lounge waiting to board their flight.

As the unidentified passenger points out in commentary posted with his video to YouTube, the liquid testing is being done “well beyond the security check” and on liquids that passengers have purchased inside the security perimeter after they already passed through security screening and threw out any drinks they might have brought with them to the airport.

Put external cameras on planes to avoid ground collisions: Feds

The NTSB is recommending that external cameras be put on large planes to avoid ground collisions.

Collisions while planes are taxiing to runways or parking ramps or being pushed back from gates — typically involving wingtips of large planes striking the wingtips or tail sections of other aircraft or jet bridges, poles or ground vehicles — have been a problem in the airline industry for years, according to experts.

(Photo: Deanster1983/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • The Morsel

    So if you use the restroom, don’t forget to flush the urinal

  • Anonymous

    They are putting something into your drink? I wouldn’t drink it after that. After all, who has vetted them? They may be putting something into it, let alone contaminating it with whatever is on their tester and gloves.

  • AirlineEmployee

    Does anyone else see the horrendous stupidity, waste of time and taxpayer’s money – using TSA to examine drinks after passengers have gone through security?? Equally as stupid are passengers handing them their drinks, volunteering, I guess, to be politically correct and oh so cooperative (gag).
    Just go to the damn vendors and test their coffee urns and soda dispensers, etc if you’re so suspicious. I’d throw that drink away as quick as they come near me to invade my privacy or poke around in any food or beverage I’m consuming. What will they do next, pump my stomach ???? What do they think people are drinking – lighter fuel ?? This is INSANITY.