Ryanair terror of the window fixed with sticky tape that came loose in mid-air and forced crew to turn back

Ryanair is famous for cutting corners and charging passengers for almost everything. However, one group thought the airline went too far when they saw mechanics fixing a loose cockpit windscreen with sticky tape.

Twenty minutes after take-off, the service from Stansted airport to Riga in Latvia was forced to turn back when the patch came loose and started making a ‘loud’ noise.

Ryanair has insisted safety was never at risk, but passengers said they were in fear for their lives.

Unscreened baby leads to terminal evacuation, delays at Newark airport

Authorities evacuated a terminal at Newark Liberty Airport last Friday when they discovered a baby hadn’t been properly screened.

The incident happened around 1:15 p.m. at a checkpoint leading to some gates at Terminal C.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said a mother and baby went through a metal detector when the machine sounded an alarm, according to The Associated Press. The mother handed the child to the father, who had already been screened. The mother was cleared, but the baby hadn’t been properly screened. The parents and baby left the checkpoint and headed to their gate, Farbstein told the AP.

Airbus A380 stretched

With global air travel expected to double, Ten News in Australia is reporting that Airbus is planning to manufacture a stretched version of the A380 and modify its A350.

(Photo: Deanster1983/Flickr Creative Commons)