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LAN/TAM complete merger under LATAM Airlines Group

LAN Airlines and TAM completed their merger last Friday, making it “a mega-airline company that is expected to control more than 40 percent of the Latin American air passenger market.”

The transaction was carried out through an exchange offer in which TAM’s shareholders received 0.9 LAN shares for each TAM share. “The creation of this group of airlines is an opportunity to take South America to the world and to allow us to position ourselves to operate in an increasingly competitive environment due to the continuing consolidation of the global airline industry,” LATAM CEO Enrique Cueto, who was formerly LAN’s CEO, said in a statement.

The perfect plane: Beds, cocktails and no kids

Flight search company SkyScanner asked 1000 travelers what they’d like to see on a perfect airplane.

One-fifth of respondents said they wanted capsule-style bunk-bed units for a completely flat snooze.

A close second was a soundproof section for kids. Anti-kick seats and massage chairs were also popular.

The Clark County Heritage Museum celebrates historic Las Vegas

The next time you’re in the Las Vegas area, head on down to Henderson and visit the Clark County Heritage Museum to get a feel of what Las Vegas was like. This blogger has visited the museum twice and it is definitely worth a visit.

Located on Boulder Highway in Henderson (about 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip), the museum seems to be situated in the middle of nowhere, but that’s what makes this experience so authentic. The museum consists of two parts: A vast outdoor area with historic homes, a “ghost town” and old trains, and an indoor exhibit showcasing a physical timeline of Nevada from ancient times to present.

(Photo LAN:kingair42, TAM:kawanet/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • Matthew Bohun-Aponte

    Ask those same 1000 travellers if they’d prefer to pay current airline prices, or 100% more for the same privilege and I’m sure you’d get a different answer. Most of these facilities are available in first class on premium airlines, and most airlines struggle to sell all those seats.

  • Anonymous

     We would only have to pay 100% more? Sign me up!