What we’re reading: SFO opens Yoga Room, Vegas casinos relying more on baccarat, flight diverts after unruly smoker


SFO Opens First of Its Kind “Yoga Room” in T2

Going through airport security can be stressful, especially if you have been picked for secondary screening. If you are at San Francisco International’s terminal 2, you can unwind before your flight by stopping in the new Yoga Room,

“When we began to remodel Terminal 2, one of our goals was not just to bring the glamour back to air travel, but to also make the entire experience less stressful and more enjoyable,” said Airport Director John L. Martin. “With the opening of the Yoga Room, SFO has taken another giant leap forward in providing our travelers the opportunity and space to relax and decompress on their own terms.”

Vegas casinos relying more on baccarat

Since the start of the Chinese New Year, Vegas is seeing an influx of Asian tourists who plunk down big money by playing baccarat. This gives casinos a lift to their bottom line.

Baccarat has easily surpassed blackjack in terms of Nevada casino revenue. It’s especially popular this week because of Chinese New Year.

Flight diverts after ‘unruly’ smoker battles attendant

A United Airlines flight operated by Continental Airlines had to make an unscheduled stop in San Antonio after a smoker couldn’t wait to light up.

A Continental Airlines flight traveling from Houston to California had to be diverted here Tuesday evening because of an “unruly passenger” who reportedly lit a cigarette in the cabin and refused to put it out then fought with a flight attendant, officials said.

(Photo: Abi Skipp/Flickr Creative Commons)