An international smartphone plan for cruise travelers, finally

When passengers go on a cruise, they’re leery about using their smartphones because they don’t want to pay a lot. Now AT&T has introduced three plans just for those who want to keep in touch.

AT&T Cruise Ship Calling: Includes 50 minutes for $30 per month
AT&T Cruise Ship Calling and Messaging: Offers 50 minutes of talk and 100 text/picture/video messages sent for $60 per month
AT&T Cruise Ship Calling, Messaging and Data: Includes 50 minutes, 100 messages sent and 100MB of data for $120 per month

TripAdvisor vacation rentals launches the Peace of Mind Guarantee

Next time you want to book a vacation rental, you may want to check out TripAdvisor with its $10,000 Peace of Mind Guarantee.

The Peace of Mind Guarantee is available on any TripAdvisor vacation rental listing where the new ‘book online’ badge appears in the search results. This badge identifies the properties where travelers and owners/managers can process payment securely through the TripAdvisor online payment system.

Museum starts night tours of signs from Vegas past

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has started night time tours so visitors can take a trip down memory lane.

The Neon Museum, where Sin City’s most iconic signs go to retire, has begun aiming more than 100 multicolored spotlights on its outdoor collection of 150 signs. It’s also extending hours for nighttime tours, and a handful of signs have been fully restored with new bulbs.