What we’re reading: Southwest fined $200,000, CO to manage in UA merger, Boeing delays 787 parts


Southwest fined $200,000 for bumping passengers
The US Department of Transportation fined Southwest $200,000 for “for violating rules on kicking passengers off oversold flights.”

The Transportation Department said Tuesday that it reviewed passenger complaints and found many cases of Southwest failing to promptly pay bumped passengers and give them written notices of their rights.

Airbus faces fewer U.S. sales if United, Continental merge

If the merger between Continental and United goes through, Boeing may gain the advantage with regards to aircraft sales.

While aircraft orders at United are split between the two commercial jet manufacturers, Continental is a loyal Boeing fan, thanks to former Chief Executive Gordon Bethune, who was a past Boeing executive and is largely credited for turning the airline around in the late 1990s.

And because Continental management is widely considered superior to that of United’s, most industry observers say Continental would take the helm of any new airline.

Boeing delays shipment of some 787 parts

Boeing has decided to delay some fuselage parts shipment to its final assembly factory.

A Boeing Commercial Airplanes spokeswoman told the Associated Press Tuesday that final assembly of the 787 is continuing at its Everett, Wash., plant and that the temporary delay won’t affect work under way. Boeing remains on track to deliver the first 787 to a customer late this year, she told the AP.

(Photo: dmuth/Flickr Creative Commons)