What we’re reading: Southwest raises fares, Delta Connection FAs plan strike, 787 flights going global


Southwest Airlines reverses itself, decides to raise many US fares by up to $10 per round trip

When Southwest Airlines declined to match United’s fare increase, United was forced to roll back its airfare. On Friday, however, Southwest reversed itself and said that it will increase airfares.

But on Friday, Southwest raised fares $2 each way for trips under 501 miles, $3 each way for 501 to 1,000 miles, and $5 each way for longer trips.

Brad Hawkins, a spokesman for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co., says the reason is simple: The airline’s costs are rising.

Delta Connection flight attendants authorize strike

Flight attendants for Compass Airlines, a Delta Connection carrier, authorized a strike if they cannot come to an agreement with management.

“We are sending a clear message to management that we will do whatever it takes to get a fair contract, one that includes a living wage. We will continue to provide the premier level of service we provide to Delta’s flying public,” said Catriona Bagley, AFA Compass President.

ROUTES: Boeing 787 network development goes global

Since the Dreamliner has been making money for launch customer All Nippon Airways, more airlines are introducing the aircraft on their routes.

Six customers have taken their initial Dreamliner deliveries and the type is now flying with airlines based in the Americas, Africa and Asia. With some 800 of the aircraft type on order and production rates rising, the global fleet is set to rise rapidly.