Southwest to bid For Frontier Airlines

Southwest Airlines is about to bid for Frontier Airlines. It plans to bid $113.6 million according to both airlines. (See related interview.)

The bid from Dallas-based Southwest exceeds the $108.75 million bid from Republic Airways.

Carlo Bertolini, a spokesman for Republic, said his company would study Southwest’s bid before offering a response.

In a release today, Frontier said its agreement with Republic provides for an “auction period”, during which Frontier can seek higher or better bids.

Up in the air: new worries about ‘fume events’ on planes

Can the air you breathe in an airplane be toxic?

Air travelers breathe a combination of recycled cabin air and outside fresh air that has been compressed by the aircraft’s engines—known as “bleed air.” But when the system malfunctions, chemical contaminants can occasionally end up circulating through the airplane, creating a so-called fume event.

[U]nions representing pilots and flight attendants say the chemicals entering the aircraft cabin can endanger the health of flight crews and passengers.

Can’t afford a nice hotel in New York? Stay in New Jersey.

If you have a yearning to visit New York City but can’t afford to stay at the hotels, look across the river.

In particular, The Westin Jersey City Newport is a good bet — it’s luxurious, it has two restaurants and a bar, and best of all? It’s just ten minutes from midtown Manhattan. It’s one of those things few people think about when they’re booking a trip to New York: You don’t have to stay in New York to visit.