What we’re reading: SWA tells crew to have current passports, US airlines canceled flights due to volcano, Asiana Airlines crash at SFO


Southwest Airlines tells pilots, flight attendants to have current passports by year’s end

Southwest Airlines told its flight crew that their passports need to be current by the end of the year.

Such documents haven’t been necessary for Southwest crews to date because the Dallas-based airline has been limited to U.S. destinations since it began flying June 18, 1971. But beginning in 2014, it plans to fly to non-U.S. airports, with passports needed for passengers and crew.

U.S. airlines cancel flights as Mexican volcano rumbles

Starting last Thursday, US airlines canceled flights from Mexico City as the country’s most well-know volcano started to rumble.

The ashes haven’t reached Mexico City International Airport, airport officials said in Twitter posts. But Delta, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines canceled a dozen flights that had been scheduled to depart from the airport on Thursday.

Boeing 777 crashes at San Francisco International Airport

An Asiana Airlines flight from Incheon Airport in Seoul crashed on landing at San Francisco airport on Saturday. Two people have been killed, 305 survived.

A fireball erupted after the Boeing 777 airliner hit the runway hard around 11:30 a.m., rocked back and forth, spun around, shearing off the plane’s tail. Scores of passengers and crew climbed out — some jumping, others sliding down evacuation chutes as flames and smoke billowed from the aircraft’s windows.

The NTSB released a preliminary report saying that the flight was coming in too slow and too low.

The plane’s voice and flight data recorders show that the flight from South Korea was coming in too slow and too low and that the pilots appear to have increased speed seven seconds before impact, [NTSB Head] Deborah Hersman said.