What we’re reading: Takeoff aborted at PHL, experiencing Hawaii, TSA stops live data testing

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Takeoff aborted at Philadelphia International Airport, passenger snaps runway selfie

US Airways flight 1702 had to abort its takeoff when a tire blew and the nose gear collapsed.

The passengers aboard Flight 1702 heading for Florida were forced to evacuate onto the Philadelphia International Airport’s runway after a nose gear collapse that left plumes of smoke.

One passenger requested medical attention but no other injuries were reported, according to an airport spokesman.

11 best ways to experience Hawaii

If you’re heading to the Aloha State, here are some tips that’ll make you enjoy your trip even more.

Leave your cell phone at the hotel, and take off your watch. You’re in Hawaii, and everything moves at a slower pace. Life is measured by the sun, surf and simple pleasures. Make time for a morning stroll through Oahu’s greenbelt to swim in Jackass Ginger Pool (a natural swimming hole accessed from the Judd Memorial Trail), a Sunday afternoon serenade at Molokai Coffee Plantation, an impromptu swim in the ocean without so much as a nod in the direction of the sea turtles feeding by the nearby rocks.

TSA halts tests to screen passengers’ online data

TSA has been testing systems of collecting data about trusted travelers from online activity. The data scans have not been ruled out, but they have been delayed and will not be subjected to live tests.

“Following a detailed review of the results, the government has determined that Phase III – live prototyping – will not take place,” agency officials said. “Instead, the government will continue to explore proposed solutions in a non-operational environment to perform analysis and information gathering.”

Big brother won’t be parsing Web surfing habits of fast lane candidates until at least mid-summer, according to the notice. The Homeland Security Department will conduct more analysis and research “to define standards for future third party solution applications,” TSA officials said.

But officials added they have not made up their minds whether to acquire such a tool in the future.