What we’re reading: Taxi app, NYC’s restaurant grading system, Dreamliner delayed again


Hailing new taxi smart app

Trying to get a taxicab in a city when you’re late for a meeting can be maddening. Now, an application for your smartphone can help you out.

Taxi Magic lets you book a cab with just a few clicks on your smartphone. The free mobile app, which works on the iPhone and BlackBerry, Palm and Android devices, displays a list of taxi companies in your area and lets you click on “book” once you select one.

You then enter your pick-up address and Taxi Magic, which taps into the servers of the fleet you selected, sends your request to that company’s drivers.

New York City restaurant grades: would you eat at a place with mice?

Angelenos and visitors to Los Angeles are used to seeing letter grades in their favorite eateries. Now New York City is implementing a similar grading system for its restaurants.

Based on the new system, a restaurant is awarded an A for scores between 0-13, a B for 14-27, and a C for 28 and higher. (Each health-code violation earns a certain number of points, so lower scores equal fewer violations.) Though all signs must be posted in a place that’s visible to people walking by, I found that the Department of Health also has a online handy tool that lets you look up restaurants by name.

Engine problem delays delivery of Boeing’s Dreamliner

The first of Boeing’s Dreamliner won’t be available for delivery until 2011.

Boeing cited the availability of a Rolls-Royce engine — needed for test flights this fall — as a reason for the delay.

The plane maker said the first Dreamliner would not be delivered until the middle of the first quarter of 2011.

(Photo: TMAB2003/Flickr Creative Commons)