What we’re reading: The stories behind the flags, United to layoff flight attendants, severe turbulence


Raising the standard: Fascinating flags and the stories behind them

As you travel the world, do you often wonder how they came up with a particular country’s flag? CNN explores the story behind the standards.


Say what you like about over-polite Canadians, at least they’ve managed to ditch the Union flag of their former British overlords.

Canadian leaders debated furiously before finally adopting the resplendent red maple leaf in 1965, an ensign pointedly free of colonial images.

United to lay off 685 flight attendants

United Airlines will furlough about 685 flight attendants to save expenses.

United said it failed to attract enough takers for its voluntary furloughs and a job share-partnership program, leading it to undertake involuntary layoffs.

The airline will furlough some of the Association of Flight Attendants’ (AFA) “most junior members,” the union, which represents over 25,000 United flight attendants, said in a statement.

Severe turbulence forces China-bound flight back to N.J. airport; 5 injured

Severe turbulence enroute from Newark to Beijing forced the airline to turn back on Thursday.

United Airlines Flight 89 returned about 45 minutes after it departed the New Jersey airport, according to the Port Authority, a local NBC affiliate reported.

(Photo: Djameson1983/Wikimedia Commons)