Thrill ride between two Rio towers planned

Want to see Vegas from 400 feet above the Rio and have fun while you’re at it? Check out the Voodoo Skyline coming to this hotel casino this summer.

Rides will start from the VooDoo Lounge, atop the Rio’s 50-story Masquerade Tower.

Guests will travel 845 feet to the top of the 20-story Ipanema tower, reaching speeds of up to 33 mph. Riders will then make a return trip — upward through a motorized pulley system while traveling backward at 25 mph — to the starting point.

Another study takes a shot at F.A.A.’s gadget ban

According to a study by The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University, the FAA ban on using electronics during takeoff and landing prevented passengers from using their gadgets for more than 105 million hours this year.

The percentage of travelers using technology at “random selected points” on a flight rose to 35.3 percent this year, compared with 17.6 percent in 2009. But they estimated that the amount of time people cannot use devices on a plane is almost 30 minutes for each flight.

Boeing tackles 787 APU heating issue

As the 787 once again takes to the skies, Boeing is working on other issues that came up.

Although fixing many of these issues pale by comparison with the engineering resources involved with solving the battery problem, at least one concern with the operation of the auxiliary power unit (APU) has prompted Boeing and the unit’s manufacturer Hamilton Sundstrand into a design revision.

(Photo: cloud2013/Flickr Creative Commons)