TSA firing or suspending 44 Newark International employees

TSA is firing or suspending 44 of its agents based at Newark Liberty International Airport.

TSA did not cite the offenses precipitating the dismissals and suspensions, but the announcement comes after investigations into reports of TSA screeners at EWR stealing from passengers’ baggage. Eight EWR TSA workers had already been removed earlier this year related to theft.

However, the latest firings are believed to be related to lax security practices.

AAPA chief denounces ‘mistrusted traveler’ security mindset

The head of the Assn. of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) has asked the TSA to “break free” from its mindset that every traveler is a potentional terrorist.

“Effective security procedures must balance risks against costs and inconvenience to the traveling public. For many passengers, security procedures are cited as the least satisfactory part of the air travel experience. Harsher critics have characterized current passenger screening procedures as ritualistic ‘security theatre’,” [AAPA DG Andrew] Herdman said.

Apple Vacations creates new vacation shopping experience

Apple Vacations is launching a new app that will help travelers decide on where to go when shopping for excursions, destinations, and resorts.

Using Apple Vacations Interactive is easy. Simply, open the app and point the camera at whole pages or images marked with the interactive icon. Click the triangle and start exploring.