What we’re reading: TSA knife rules face backlash, fake bomb smuggled at Newark, airport towers may stay open

Delta Air Lines CEO asks TSA not to allow small knives on planes

Delta Air Lines’ CEO Richard Anderson said that allowing small knives onto planes “adds little value to passengers and increases safety risks.”

In a letter addressed to TSA Administrator John Pistole, Anderson wrote that though the Atlanta-based carrier has a strong relationship with the TSA, he disagreed with the agency’s recent decision and shared the “legitimate concerns” of flight attendants.

Undercover TSA agent smuggled fake bomb past security screeners at Newark Airport

Representative Peter King from Long Island demanded a top-down review of security procedures at Newark Liberty airport after an undercover TSA agent was able to smuggle a fake bomb past security.

The latest security lapse at Newark almost seems like a really bad joke, but it’s no joke. The agent even survived a pat-down, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Friday.

Airports can make case to keep their control towers open

The FAA sent out letters to small- and medium-sized airports to let them know that their tower will be closed unless they can convince the agency that the action will harm national interest.

“Negative impact on the national interest is the only criterion the FAA will use,” the letters read. “The FAA is unable to consider local community impact.”

The FAA says it has not yet identified which towers will be closed, or the date of closure.

(Photo: AskDaveTaylor/Flickr Creative Commons)