What we’re reading: TSA SPOT program is useless, Boeing 737 turns 8000, Avatar Airlines hopes to start up soon


Government study proves TSA behavior profiling is useless, TSA expands it anyway

Last fall, the Government Accountability Office put out a study that shows the TSA profiling program is useless.

The problem is that behavior profiling is hard. It requires hiring really good people, giving them extensive training, and then having the public cooperate with intrusive questioning. We guessed that TSA’s recruitment model – which quite literally involves pizza boxes – wouldn’t be up to the task of finding adequate screeners

Despite the GAO report, TSA plans to expand the program to BWI.

Boeing’s 737 turns 8,000: The best-selling plane ever isn’t slowing

Boeing rolled out its 8000th 737, a milestone for the best selling airplane of all time.

For an idea of just how popular the 737 is among airlines — several have built their entire business models around that one airplane — consider that Boeing’s archrival, Airbus (AIR:FP), finished its 8,000th overall plane in August. The 737 program started in 1967, seven years before Airbus delivered its first airplane.

Another airline start-up has eyes on South Florida

If Avatar Airlines can get funding and approval by the FAA, the airline wants to start flying out of South Florida.

Cities on its radar include Miami, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Orlando, New York and Los Angeles.

Based on early projections, an example of an everyday one-way fare from Miami to New York could be $49; Miami to Los Angeles $79 and Miami to Orlando $19, Avatar said.