What we’re reading: TSA wait times in Houston, dirty secrets of hotels, SAS may go out of business


Houston Airport System embraces technology to share wait times for security checkpoints on Fly2Houston.com

If you’re in the Houston area, you can now see how long the wait times will be at security checkpoints at Hobby and Bush Intercontinental.

The multi-checkpoint dashboard collects real-time data from Bluetooth signals as passengers are processed. The wait time program monitors how much time an average person spends moving through the checkpoint area.

Former hotel insider’s memoir reveals dirty secrets of hospitality industry

The next time you’re in a hotel, it would be wise to be on your best behavior.

[Jacob Tomsky]’s seen it all, and his book is meant to be to hotels what “Kitchen Confidential” was to the restaurant industry: a sometimes gross, often hilarious exposé of unethical practices combined with sympathetic tips for you, the poor, hapless consumer.

SAS — “A dinosaur in the process of dying?”

Scandinavian Airlines SAS used to be known for high wages, job security, and generous benefits. Not anymore.

“SAS has gone from crisis to crisis. What we are now witnessing, is a state-sponsored dinosaur in the process of dying,” said Norwegian newspaper Adressa this week.

(Photo: eschipul/Flickr Creative Commons)