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Turning off iPhone critical to pilots citing interference

The debate continues whether cell phones truly interferes with flight deck instruments. An incident in 2011 may be the reason why the FAA will still prohibit cell phones to be used during flight.

The regional airliner was climbing past 9,000 feet when its compasses went haywire, leading pilots several miles off course until a flight attendant persuaded a passenger in row 9 to switch off an Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone.

“The timing of the cellphone being turned off coincided with the moment where our heading problem was solved,” the unidentified co-pilot told NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System about the 2011 incident. The plane landed safely.

Three Quick Tips to Protect Your Travels During Hurricane Season

Accuweather is predicting that we will have 16 named storms this year. There’s a chance that you will be traveling during this year’s hurricane season. Jaunted put together three tips on how to protect your travels.

Google your destination. Sounds like a “duh” thing, right? When we advise you to Google your destination, we mean to pay special attention to the “weather” and “climate” sections of the Wikipedia or WikiTravel pages, or even the official Tourism Board website to see if tropical storms loves the spot as much as you do. Even googling “does [insert destination] get hurricanes” could answers some questions.

Six Flags Texas debuts record-breaking hybrid coaster (VIDEO)

If you’re a fan of roller coasters, head on over to Six Flags Texas to experience the first-of-its-kind hybrid coaster with a zero gravity barrel roll.

Here’s a summary of the record-breaking stats, according to Six Flags Fiesta Texas: A 180-foot lift hill makes it the tallest hybrid coaster in the world.
An 81-degree drop makes it the steepest hybrid coaster in the world.
A top speed of 70 mph makes it the fastest hybrid coaster in the world.
A zero-gravity barrel roll makes it the first hybrid coaster in the world to flip completely upside down.

Airlines collected $6 billion in baggage, change fees in 2012

Last year, airlines collected $6 billion in baggage and reservation change fees, the most since fees became commonplace five years ago.

Passengers shouldn’t expect a break anytime soon. Those fees — along with extra charges for boarding early or picking prime seats — have helped return the industry to profitability.

Airlines started charging for a first checked suitcase in 2008 and the fees have climbed since.

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    Paying for Early Boarding when your not an Elite can mean the diffence in whether your carry ons stay with you, or you have to check them when you get on last and there is no over head space available.