What we’re reading: Turtles cause delays at JFK, MAS: No more infants in first class, shifting 787 stabilizer work


Turtles on runway cause NY flight delays

Why did the turtles cross the runways at JFK? To get to the other side to lay eggs according to authorities.

Ron Marsico, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees operation of the region’s airports, said about 150 diamondback terrapin turtles were spotted on Wednesday morning crossing Runway 4L.

Pilots from Jet Blue and other airlines halted their big birds and let the expectant reptiles pass, said Marsico.

Malaysia Airlines: No more infants in 1st class on jumbo jets

Malaysian Airlines has decided to ban infants in first class on its 747 and A380 aircraft.

The [Australian Business Traveller] reports Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil says the carrier is responding to complaints from first-class passengers about crying infants.

Azmil, who conducted a back-and-forth with an Australian Business Traveller reporter via Twitter, says the first-class passenger complaints center on the fact that they “spend money on 1st class and can’t sleep due to crying infants.”

Boeing shifts 787 stabilizer work

Boeing its taking over development and initial production of the 787 stabilizer.

“In keeping with our current supply chain strategy, we will do the development work for the 787-9 horizontal stabilizer at our Advanced Development Center in Seattle, including initial production,” the company said in a statement. “Once the production process has been perfected and stabilized, we will transition the primary stabilizer production to a source yet to be determined, and to Alenia [Aeronautica’s Foggia] as a secondary source.”

(Photo: SteelToad/Flickr Creative Commons)