What we’re reading: Fighting over an armrest, Mammoth Mountain changes, Boeing begins 787-9


Armrest kerfuffle delays WestJet flight

Two men who argued over who had the right to the armreset between them, were taken off by police and weren’t allowed to reboard when their argument escalated to a verbal altercation.

[Sgt. Gord Nyhus] said the verbal altercation escalated, and while it didn’t become physical, the pair threatened each other.

“We removed them, spoke to them and at that point they both realized they were kind of being silly,” said Nyhus. “The pilot of the aircraft made a decision they were not going to be back in the aircraft.”

Mammoth Mountain makes big changes ahead of opening day

Mammoth Mountain, slated to open November 8, is making big changes that skiers and snowboarders will like.

Specifically designed to help skiers and riders improve their skills, the Progression Park starts with some easy features at the beginning and gradually builds to more challenging obstacles further down the hill. Additionally, the new Downtown Collection adds urban themed obstacles to the Main and South Parks, giving snowboarders a whole new set of features to explore.

Boeing begins assembly work on stretched Dreamliner jet

Boeing has begun assembly work on the 787-9, a stretched version of the current Dreamliner, the 787-8.

The 787-9 is 20 feet (6 meters) longer than the 787-8 and will carry 16 percent more passengers as far as 8,500 nautical miles (15,700 kilometers), [marketing chief Randy Tinseth] wrote.