Reach for the sky! Overzealous Heathrow security officials ‘confiscate’ Toy Story cowboy Woody DOLL’S miniature gun

Looks like the TSA officers aren’t the only ones who tend to get overzealous with toy guns. Security officials at London Heathrow confiscated a miniature toy gun that a Woody doll, from the Toy Story trilogy, was carrying.

A bemused air traveler has claimed on a social networking site that the figure was examined at Heathrow by security staff — who then subsequently confiscated the doll’s tiny firearm.

The traveler, who backed up their claim by posting online a photo of Woody being impounded, said: ‘I have travelled the world with Toy Story’s Woody, taking pics for my son.

“At Heathrow, security just confiscated his ‘weapon’ — keep the world safe, boys.”

Boeing picks Everett for building wing of 777X

Boeing has decided to build the wing of the 777X in Everett, Washington.

The decision, which Boeing management is expected to announce as early as Tuesday, secures for Snohomish County an investment of up to $4 billion and more than a decade of work for thousands of employees who will fabricate the advanced composite-plastic wing.

Explosive found in carry-on bag at Anchorage airport

Security agents closed the checkpoint at Anchorage airport when explosives were found in a carry-on bag belonging to an oil field worker.

The “possible threat item” was detected as the passenger’s carry-on bag was being screened at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on Sunday afternoon, said Ann Davis, a Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman.

The device appeared to be a pipe bomb and the passenger told authorities it was a device used to trigger avalanches, said Airport Manager John Parrott.

(Photo: atonfan/Flickr Creative Commons)