What we’re reading: Unique way to charge your cell phone, Ryanair to sell ads on planes, Korean pilots avoid manual flying



Campers could soon charge cell phones with pee

You’re camping and there’s no place to charge your phone. Soon you can charge it with your own urine.

As of right now, the urine-to-electricity device is about the size of a car battery, but it’s expected to get smaller and more portable. Besides charging mobile phones, they could also be installed in bathrooms, allowing us to harness our urine power day and night year-round.

Ryanair to sell billboard advertising on its planes

Ryanair may soon get another income stream: billboard advertising on its planes.

Companies can have their brand featured on four different locations on the Ryanair aircraft, including on the inner and outer winglets, front fuselage and rear fuselage, for a 12-month period, for a fraction of the price of a newspaper advert.

Korean pilots avoided manual flying, former trainers say

What could be a factor in the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco last Saturday was the fact that Korean pilots rarely fly manually.

Ross Aimer, a retired United Airlines captain who trained crews at Korean Air Lines (003490) for Boeing subsidiary Alteon Training in 2008 and 2009, and Kenneth Musser, of Roswell, Georgia, said they also noticed that many Korean pilots struggled with visual approaches.