What we’re reading: United forgot toilet paper, FAA probes near collision over NYC, Mass. approves casino plan


United Airlines forgets toilet paper on 10-hour flight from San Francisco to London

Maybe toilet paper should be part of the pre-flight check. United Airlines forgot to stock toilet paper before the 10-hour flight from San Francisco to London.

Some of the bathrooms reportedly ran out en route, leading flight attendants to stock them with cocktail napkins instead.

Passenger reactions ranged from eye rolls to outrage.

FAA probes near-collision above New York

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into what caused two planes to come near each other above New York.

The near-collision occurred at about 2:40 pm on June 13 when a Delta Air Lines Boeing 747 arriving at Kennedy Airport’s Runway 4L “lost the required amount of separation with a Shuttle America Embraer E170” taking off from LaGuardia Airport’s Runway 13, the FAA said in a statement.

Voters in Massachusetts approve Wynn Resorts $1.2 billion casino plan

Voters in Everett, MA approved a referendum signing off on a proposal by Steve Wynn to develop a casino resort on a site that used to house a chemical plant.

With 6,157 eligible voters casting ballots, 86 percent approved the casino proposal in the state’s first binding referendum on a casino plan since an expanded gambling law was enacted.

  • NSL14

    I aways take a roll of travel toilet paper with me in my carry-on when I fly. United running out of toilet tissue on this flight isn’t the first time that’s happened, and it won’t be the last.

    I was on a United flight from Buenos Aires to Newark late last year and 2 of the 4 lavatories in economy were out for about half the 11 hour flight. At least the passengers on the London flight had toilets to use.