What we’re reading: Updated SeatGuru, co-pilot faints in flight, sound may protect airliners


SeatGuru updates seat maps, adds features

SeatGuru has updated its seat maps and added new features.

Comparison charts are another useful feature and allow for an easy comparison of business or economy seating. The downside of the feature is that it is a bit unwieldy due to the sheer number of airplanes in the SeatGuru database.

Co-pilot briefly faints on flight to Las Vegas

An Alaska Airline flight from Seattle to Las Vegas requested an emergency landing Tuesday evening when the first officer fainted briefly on the flight deck.

The male co-pilot was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. Egan [Alaska Airlines spokeswoman] says he earlier was checked by a doctor who had been aboard the flight. She said she did not know whether he was admitted to the hospital and declined to release any more information about him.

Sound may protect airliners from birds

Low-frequency sounds aimed at birds could help airliners land and take off safely as the birds approach the flight paths.

While noisemakers are often used to scare birds away from airport runways, the loud sounds are also a source of annoyance to people within earshot, something the new technology can avoid, they said.

Technology International, based in Louisiana, says its system will use infrasound, below the range of human hearing, directed at flocks of birds as they approach airliners taking off or landing.