What we’re reading: US Airways joins oneworld alliance, get miles on US Airways by gambling, life of a Southwest 737

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US Airways joins transatlantic alliance

US Airways has joined American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Finnair in a transatlantic joint venture.

As part of the joint business — established by oneworld global alliance partners American, British Airways and Iberia in October 2010—the airlines can cooperate commercially on transatlantic flights. The joint venture also includes a revenue-sharing agreement in which member airlines have permission to coordinate schedules and pricing on North Atlantic routes.

Philly casino: Gamble with us, get miles on US Airways

A Pennsylvania casino is letting gamblers cash in their frequent gambler points for frequent flier miles on US Airways.

The Valley Forge Casino Resort in suburban Philadelphia has partnered with US Airways for a promotion that will allow casino customers to exchange the points they earn playing casino games for airline miles.

The airline tie-in was announced last week as the Valley Forge Casino Resort celebrated its second anniversary.

A day in the life of a Southwest 737

Ever wonder what a typical Southwest 737 goes through in a day? John Harrell takes you through the life of a 737.

Tail number N446WN, a Boeing 737-700, arrived here last night from Sacramento. And Chicago. And Tampa. And Rochester, N.Y. And Orlando. In one day, this single plane, now resting at gate B10, flew over 5,600 miles, carrying a total potential passenger load of 715 persons over 806,000 seat-miles — over three times the distance to the moon. On a light day.

  • Naoyuki

    I don’t understand the law, but I’m afraid these “antitrust-immune” joint ventures may actually be harmful to the consumers.