What we’re reading: US Airways offers baggage delivery service, should AA have apologized? US pilots to need more flight time


US Airways offers baggage delivery service and tool to track checked bags

Next time you fly US Airways and don’t want to wait at the baggage claim area for your bags, you can now choose their baggage delivery service.

Customers can now opt to have their bags delivered directly to their home, hotel or business with Bags VIP delivery. Travelers can schedule and pay for Bags VIP delivery up to one hour prior to their scheduled departure by visiting maketraveleasier.com/usairways.

American Airlines apologizes about cabin crew photo shoot… but did they really need to?

An American Airlines flight was delayed at San Jose, Costa Rica, due to maintenance issues. Passengers had to wait inside the plane for four hours. During the wait, a flight attendant went outside with the captain to pose for a photo. This infuriated passenger Brian Kelly.

“They’re having fun to me,” Brian Kelly told the media afterwards. “That seemed like an enjoyable time, and I’m stuck in a plane and can’t go anywhere. It just didn’t seem right.”

American Airlines has apologized, but commenters on the original story posted on NBC DFW 5 website blasted Brian Kelly for being a killjoy. What do you readers think? Should AA have apologized?

US pilots to need more flight time to qualify

In the wake of the Colgan Air Crash in 2009, the FAA is issuing a new rule that will increase the flight time required for a pilot to qualify to fly an aircraft.

First officers will now need Airline Transport Pilot certificates to take control of US commercial airliners or cargo planes. The certificates are earned with 1,500 hours of total flight time. Previously, a co-pilot needed only a commercial certificate, requiring 250 hours.

  • BobChi

    There’s no excuse for making the passengers sit in the plane for four hours. In a blizzard it might be barely possible that such would be needed for safety, but Costa Rica does not have blizzards. Kelly was right to be furious, but not because of the picture taking, which seems irrelevant to the real problem. From the link it turns out the flight was actually canceled and everyone had to stay overnight. The airline did pay for the lodging and gave Kelly 25,000 AAdvantage miles. In such a case I think passengers should be given substantial direct cash compensation.