What we’re reading: USAir President thinks consolidation ending, airplanes cleared after hijack threat, JAL is back


US Airways president sees consolidation nearing end

US Airways president Scott Kirby thinks that consolidation is almost at an end.

Speaking at the Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit in Dallas, Kirby said the airline industry in 10 years will probably look similar to what it does today because it has reached a level of stability through consolidation and an ability to manage fuel spikes and other events.

Airplanes cleared after hijack threats

American Airlines and Finnair were cleared on Monday afternoon after a hijack threat was phoned in between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. local time.

When the planes landed at JFK, they were moved to an isolated area to be searched. Sources said the level of concern was low, but audio recordings between the pilot of one of the planes and the control tower at Kennedy Airport reveal a tense exchange as they both attempted to figure out why the plane was being met by emergency vehicles.

JAL is back after bankruptcy and makeover

Before joining Japan Airlines, Chairman Emeritus Kazuo Inamori avoided the airline because of its bad service. Now he has helped the airline make a turnaround.

As much as JAL has focused on cutting costs, it has also sought to close the service gap with local rival All Nippon Airways — putting in new seats, revamping in-flight menus and installing electronic toilet seats in some business and first class cabins.