What we’re reading: Virgin America Love Field gates, UA limits carry-on, fish strike interrupts takeoff


Virgin America looks to acquire Dallas Love Field gates

Virgin America is bidding for the gates that American Airlines is giving up at Dallas Love field.

San Francisco-based Virgin America said the gates would be used to add new services from Love Field to airports such as New York’s LaGuardia, Ronald Reagan Washington National and Chicago O’Hare.

Virgin America added that if its bid was successful, it would move its operations at the larger Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to Love Field.

United limits carry-on wars: Our view

Now that United Airlines is beginning to enforce its rules on carry-on size, the editors at USA Today feels that it’s about time.

This is long overdue. Ever since airlines began charging for checked luggage in 2008 (supposedly to offset a spike in jet fuel prices), passengers have responded the way people do when you make one thing expensive and the other free: To avoid fees of $25 or more per flight for checked bags, fliers have been bringing carry-ons into the cabin for nothing, even when they clearly exceed the allowable size.

Fish strike interrupts jet’s takeoff at MacDill

We’ve all heard of flights being aborted for bird strikes, but an NOAA jet taking off from MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, Florida, had to abort for a different reason.

A short while earlier, a Gulfstream G-IV jet from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration rumbled down the runway until the crew noticed it hit something.

At first they thought the jet hit an osprey and aborted the flight.

[MacDill Air Force Base wildlife manager Lindsey] Garven could not find any dead birds.

But she did find something else.

“I found a fish on the runway,” says Garven. “It was a comical thing.”