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In-flight cellphone calls to be allowed on Virgin Atlantic flights

Virgin Atlantic will soon be allowing cellphone calls on a limited basis.

The new service is part of the airline’s upgrade to the Airbus A330, which will also provide expanded in-flight entertainment, USB ports and a very spiffy upper class. Cellphone service will initially be available only on London to New York flights, but will be expanded to more cities by the year’s end.

Is Virgin America secretly psyching up to launch Hawaii flights?

Virgin America is currently testing its aircraft for ETOPS between San Francisco and Honolulu with the FAA on board.

For everyone who hasn’t read “Aviation for Dummies,” ETOPS stands for “extended operations,” and it’s an approval needed when you’re an airline trying to fly two-engined planes (such as A320s) pretty long distances, like the west coast to Hawaii, for example.

Autonomous cars cruising to a dealer near you, soon

Cadillac is one of a few car companies testing semi-autonomous cars and it may be making its way to a dealer near you soon.

Autonomous cars promise fewer crashes, increased roadway capacity, improved parking ability and more. Carmakers plan to integrate elements of the autonomous car as they roll out new features in coming years, sneaking in the idea that drivers will not be needed at some point.

For a full test drive of the Cadillac, see the video below.

  • Flymetothemoon

    Though I guess it’s inevitable, I hate to see cell phone use allowed onboard commercial aircraft. Now in addition to crying babie, loud drunks and seatmates who can’t take a clue that you’re not interested in hearing their uninteresting life story nor want to buy whatever pyramid scheme they’re selling. Now we’re going to have to listen to several cell phone conversations as they try to be heard over the roar of the engines, screaming babies and loud obnoxious drunks. Don’t think that first or business class will give you any escape. Thank God for noise cancelling headphones.