What we’re reading: Westjet converts to metric time, best Caribbean all-inclusive resorts, court rules for airline in FF dispute



WestJet converts to metric time

One thing that WestJet likes to do is put out an April Fools video every April 1. This year was no exception. In this latest installment, WestJet decides to get rid of AM and PM time in favor of metric time for their flight schedules.

The best Caribbean all-inclusive resorts for families

If you’re planning on taking your family to the Caribbean, Family Vacation Critic put together a list of the best all-inclusive resorts for families in the Caribbean.

“Families traveling with kids tend to spend a majority of their time on-property, so it’s important for parents to find resorts that don’t just accept children, but that truly welcome them. Resorts that we classify as being especially family-friendly are those with spacious accommodations, extensive kids’ programming and available childcare services.”

Court rules for airline in frequent flyer dispute

On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court voted 9-0 against Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg , who sued Northwest Airlines, claiming that the airline threw him and his wife out of their frequent flyer program for making too many service complaints.

The court held the federal Airline Deregulation Act barred Ginsberg’s lawsuit. The act says states have no say in regulating the price, route or service of an air carrier.