What we’re reading: WiFi important on planes, NYC’s most expensive hotels, SWA flies with door open

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WiFi is so desired on airplanes, survey shows fliers would give up bathrooms and more

In a recent survey by Honeywell, passengers said that one of the things they would give up is having bathrooms just so they can have Wi-Fi on board.

[The] results show passengers are so eager to take their minds off the flying experience, they will give up some important things.

13 percent said they would give up bathrooms.
42 percent said they would give up snacks.
32 percent would give up seats that recline.

NYC’s most expensive hotel rooms revealed

One of the most expensive hotel rooms in New York, in a report from NewYorkHotels.org, is $40,000 per night.

It is the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, at the Four Seasons Hotel, that leads the list. For the $40k per-day price tag, guests are treated to such luxuries as sweeping views of Manhattan in every direction, bathroom sinks made of solid rock crystal blocks and a personal butler who is on call 24 hours a day. While in residence, they also have the use of a Maybach or Rolls-Royce — with a personal driver behind the wheel, of course.

Southwest flight takes off with cargo door open

Observers at Houston Hobby airport were left scratching their heads when they saw a Southwest Airlines take off with one of its cargo doors open.

Jeff Weingart was killing time at the airport when he saw it all unfold.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said. “I couldn’t believe a plane as sophisticated as they are would take off with the cargo door open.”

  • Ton

    seriously? i have never seen anybody pay the $$$ for the wifi, in fact i would think people would pay not to have wifi onboard

  • Frank

    13% willing to give up bathrooms for wifi? Their bladder must be a lot larger than mine. Based on my observations a few people use wifi in flight but many do use the bathrooms.

  • James Penrose

    I think some folk were yanking the survey taker’s beezer.

    I’d like wi-fi on a flight but unless it’s trans-con or international it’s not really very important.

    Plus anything the airlines do will be so locked down as to be almost useless to anything beyond the most basic browsing.