What we’re watching: Baggage song and dance, Automatic license plate recognition, Elliott on assertiveness


Our own Jason Barger says Step Back from the Baggage Carousel, but these guys are dancing on the carousel. All in all, its great fun. Thanks to Karen Cummings for sending this our way from Thursday’s Jay Leno Show.

This is one of the original demo videos for Automatic License Plate Recon or Recognition (ALPR). It was developed in Canada and introduced there about four years ago. Now it has found its way into police departments from Virginia to Florida to California. If you thought TSA was getting high tech, this demo shows what’s happening around you that seems almost science fiction.

Finally, our own Christopher Elliott tells us how to recognize when you are crossing the line between being assertive and completely inappropriate when you travel.

  • Peter

    ALPR is probably very similar to the technology used on toll Highway 407 (http://www.407etr.com/) – around Toronto – where when you use the highway (and haven’t previously purchased a “transponder”) your license plate is photographed (at speeds up to 200 km/hour) and you are sent a bill for that trip. It’s a whole new world out there.

  • david drysdale

    We have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in the UK – does the same sort of thing – law enforcement get to know if a car is unlicensed, uninsured, reported stolen etc.
    The technique is also used for petrol stations to capture license plates before they will allow you to buy petrol and now in private (mall) car parks to make sure you don’t stay too long. If you go in and don’t go out within 2 hours you get sent a fine automatically…

  • Kevin

    Odd– it looks like the cop explaining the ALPR system is _not_ wearing a seatbelt.