What we’re watching: BA’s tearjerker, UA’s Team USA, Airport jumbo jet hotel


Enjoy this a video that plays to India’s all-work-and-no-play lifestyle of those with young families. See how United Airlines advertised their Olympic sponsorship. Finally, look inside one of the most unique airport hotels in the world.

A tearjerker from BA and from another culture

I found this Valentine’s Day video interesting from a marketing point of view with a wonderful tagline — go farther to get closer. However, the different cultural environment presented in this video educates those from other parts of the planet about India and, I’ll bet, it strikes a chord on the subcontinent. Couples in India, especially younger couples, make work their top priority. Tied with extended family being a big part in daily life, it’s difficult for couples to spend quality time together.

India is one of the most strategic markets for British Airways. India is BA’s second largest market globally with connections from five key cities in India 48 times a week to over 500 destinations around the world.

United Airlines touts its Olympic sponsorship

Now, if only the passengers in the back of the plane could experience this kind of Olympic service. However, the sponsorship of the Olympic team is an important marketing decision that supports USA.

I turned a jumbo jet into a hotel

A Swedish entrepreneur’s out-of-the-box thinking about what to do with an abandoned jumbo jet in Sweden shows that even old airplanes can be recycled. There are plans to build more of these hotels at airports, providing a new and creative collection of beds for passengers.