What we’re watching: Care of Medieval sculpture, Canada, Vermont snow


Care of risqué antiquities

A simple rubber cement commercial. Remember as educated tourists, focus on the gorgeous Romanesque arches with Gothic/Baroque double columns in the sunlit cloister and the notice the care with which these curators treat their valuable and angelic sculptures. The period music adds to the historic sense of the edifice. I discovered this on contributor Hilary Nangle’s facebook page and couldn’t pass it up.

Celebrate Canada and the wildly successful Olympics

Canada, our neighbor to the north, is completing the Olympics today. They were awesome games and our U.S. athletes performed beyond anyone’s expectations. Here is one of the videos that kicked off NBC’s Olympic coverage. It bears rewatching and remembering.

New England skiers and snowboarders revel in deep snow

This week’s travel news has been full of airport delays from Baltimore to New York and lots of snow in the interior of New England. So rather than the videos of misery at the airports, here is a report from Stratton Mountain in Southern Vermont where they are overjoyed at having snow fall by the foot.