This kind of YouTube comedy video has been done before, but it is particularly poignant in terms of once-proud American Airlines, their bonus-grabbing executives, loyal employees and their ultimate bankruptcy. Louis Black brings humor to a trip across Canada. Finally, a visual tour of Ghent, Belgium. Why? I’ll tell you below.

Last week while at meetings with the European Union Passenger Rights community, I stayed in Ghent, about a half-hour from downtown Brussels. It was a great decision.

The city, once the second largest in Europe, is still beautiful, filled with majestic palaces, a crenulated castle and medieval guild halls. From my hotel window it felt as if I could reach out and touch the façade of St. Bavo’s Cathedral, where one of the most important paintings, the 24-panel altarpiece The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, completed by Jan van Eyck and his brother in 1432, is kept. Romantic canals crisscross the town and the restaurants are hip, creative and fit into wonderful restored spaces. This is truly a wonderful city off the beaten path, between Brussels and Bruges, that deserves more tourist attention.