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One of my good friends, Jules Older, is in the midst of re-inventing himself. He has never been one to be shy and has always been able to figure out how to make money freelancing at something that has led his wife and him to some grand adventures.

Here is a collection of Jules and Effin Older’s quirky videos, all with a travel bent. Naturally, he is traveling around the same neck of the woods where he lives, so these spots are all in the San Francisco area, more or less.

He visits Hearst Castle, takes a look at a secret local language and visits the world’s smallest gallery.

San Simeon: Mr. Hearst’s Cabin

Jules and Effin take us on a two-minute trip through one of America’s most famous castles, Hearst Castle in California. This is a mansion on the Central Coast of California. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Designed by architect Julia Morgan for William Randolph Hearst—a newspaper magnate from 1919 until 1947, the estate was eventually donated to the state of California in the late 50s. It’s original name was “La Cuseta Encantada” (“The Enchanted Hill”), but is sometimes referred to as “the ranch” or “the cabin.” It attracts around a million visitors a year.

Boontling in Boonville, California? Uh, yeah. While linguistically and anthropologically, it’s virtually impossible, the tiny town of Boonville, California has its own language. Welcome to Boontling. Here’s your first harkin session.

I find this no-so-secret (at least to the locals) dialect amazing. I’ve heard about dialects in Europe were neighbors couldn’t understand other neighbors from across the street, but this is one of the first times I have heard about the same phenomenon in the U.S.

World’s smallest art gallery

Jules and Effin take us to what may be the world’s smallest art gallery in downtown San Francisco. Coron Gallery is a walk-through gallery and unique in San Francisco.

  • http://highonadventure.com Lynn Rosen

    Whoooo newwwww? Boontling. How fascinating and cool is that!

  • Bodega

    We are all guilty of travel to the far reaches of the world, but when it comes to our own local area, we don’t explore it. Being a native Northern Calfornian, I can tell you we have some great places to explore that are amazingly interesting.

    Sadly, Hearst Castle has been places on the State of California’s list of possible closures due to lack of funds. While Mr Hearst lived a lavious lifestyle and spent money like a drunken sailor during a time when many people were standing in soup lines, it is a State treasure to have this unique abode for the public to see. Not your typical family home, but the Hearst family still has access to it. I can’t imagine letting a child slide down the antique bannister in one of the Casitas where a 5th century vase is placed at the bottom but that is the fun in visiting a place of this magniture and imagining living that kind of wealth.

    Boonville is a very interesting place. My husband’s kin were Boonies. If you want an beautiful ride from Hwy 101 over to Hwy 1, take the turn off to Boonville, which is just north of Cloverdale for a specatular drive, that includes redwoods and gets you to the coast just below the village of Menodcino. Note that if you are prone to motion sickness, the first few miles are winding, but once on the valley floor, it is smooth sailing from there.

    Sounds like Mr Older is just getting his feet wet on what there is to see in his ‘backyard’ and should have many other great videos to come.

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