What you should do if you are in or traveling to Egypt


The current political situation in Egypt is going to have an impact on tourism as well as travel. U.S. carriers have already ceased flights to Cairo and other parts of the country.

Tourists in Cairo are being advised to remain in their hotels and not get involved in the demonstrations. Stay away from the U.S. Embassy since it’s situated where many of the protests are taking place. The American government announced this morning it will arrange flights to Europe for U.S. citizens who are currently in Egypt.

Communications are difficult. Government officials have banned internet usage, cell phone coverage is uneven and frequently does not operate. Ironically, much of the news that’s being dispersed has been via social media, especially Twitter.

If friends and relatives are there, contact their tours operators and employers and see what information they’re able to convey to you and to people there.

Many government Foreign Affairs Ministries have  facilities for travelers to all foreign destinations, including Egypt  where they can and should register  their contact details. This is essential in the  event travelers need to be evacuated from Egypt.

If you plan or need to go to Egypt right now, be sure you’re covered by  appropriate travel insurance.

The situation in Egypt is fluid. Keep yourself updated on the political situation as often as possible during these uncertain times. Don’t  travel to Egypt unless it’s essential. Even though areas of Egypt are safe, other regions should be avoided. Egypt a not a no-go zone but this may not be the time to head for a beach vacation.

Most important, let’s hope this civil and political unrest is resolved quickly and does not spread to other areas of the middle-East.

Karen Fawcett is president of Bonjour Paris

  • Jeff L

    One note about travel insurance. Now that the unrest is active, you may not be able to get insurance for that destination, or if you have an annual policy it may not cover tickets and travel purchased after the inception date. Check your policy!

  • Patricia Swank

    I am scheduled to take a 15 day trip to Egypt departing 2/16. The tour operator, Vantage Travel, is telling me today that this trip is still going to operate in defiance of the state department’s travel alerts and the events that have transpired over the last 7 days in Egypt. It is outrageous that a US tour operator has taken this position!