World’s funniest airport names


Last week The Independent newspaper in London released its lists of the weirdest and scariest airport names. They also came up with a list of IATA airport codes that suggest more than simply a collection of runways. Lists like this surface from time to time. They are always fun for travelers.

From Batman to Brest, Fukui to Fort Dix, Skyscanner has scoured its database of over 10,000 airports and picked the funniest airport names in the world.

The weirdest:

1. Batman Airport (BAL) Turkey

2. Useless Loop Airport (USL), Australia

3. Black Tickle Airport (YBI), Canada

4. Beaver Creek Airport (YXP), Canada

5. Moron Airport (OZP), Spain

6. Ogle Airport (OGL), Guyana

8. Eek Airport (EEK), USA

9. Pickle Lake Airport (YPJ), Canada

10. Deadhorse Airport (SCC), USA

The rudest (warning – language may offend):

1. Fukui Airport (FKJ), Japan

2. Pratt Airport (PTT), USA

3. Ponce Airport (PSE), Puerto Rico

4. Fort Dix Airport (WRI), USA

5. Gaylord Airport (GLR), USA

6. Fak Fak Airport (FKQ), Indonesia

7. Brest Airport (BES), France

8. Dang Airport (DNP), Nepal

9. Shafter Airport (MIT), USA

10. Big Bell Airport (BBE), Australia

The plain scariest…

1. Mafia Airport (MFA), Tanzania

2. Slave Lake Airport (YZH), Canada

3. Asbestos Hill Airport (YAF), Canada

4. Desolation Sound Airport (YDS) Canada

5. Crooked Island Airport (CRI), Canada

6. Deception Airport (YGY), Canada

7. Battle Mountain Airport (BAM), USA

8. Rifle Airport (IRD), USA

9. Cue Airport (CWT), Australia

10. Danger Bay Airport (DGB), USA

And finally, a little fun with IATA Airport Codes:

1. DIK – Dickinson Airport, USA

2. NOB – Nosara Beach Airport, Costa Rica

3. KOK – Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport, Finland

4. BOG – Bogotá Airport, Columbia

5. BUM – Butler Airport, USA

6. PEE – Perm Airport, Russia

7. POO – Pocos De Caldas Airport, Brazil

8. SEX – Sembach Airport, Germany

9. FAT – Fresno Yosemite Airport, USA

10. DOH – Doha Airport, Qatar

If you have any airport names of codes that should be added. List them in the comments section.

  • Bill Geist

    How could they miss SUX (Sioux City IA…USA)?

  • Joel Wechsler

    Or FUK (Fukuoka, Japan)?

  • Kelly

    I love posts like this. Its always nice to see humor in travel, even though it doesn’t come around very often.

  • Wrona

    Anyone else notice that a good percentage of these are in Canada?

  • Dean

    Interestingly, Fresno Yosemite International Airport has begun using FYI for it’s acronym for obvious reasons. However, the FAA continues to hold FAT as the proper “airport identifier.” The FAA will only change the identifier if the airport location physically moves as with DEN becoming DIA in 1995.

  • Deborah Gillson

    Most ironic: Both in Oklahoma City

    Will Rogers International Airport

    Wiley Post Airport

    Both men died in a plane crash. The same plane crash.

  • http://Tripso Albert Bruton

    If one experiences the type of service, especially the security lines, at Los Angeles airport then it’s code becomes perfectly descriptive.
    The service is lax.

  • Jason

    The airport code for Denver is still DEN…

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  • Lauren

    I always thought that Charlotte’s IATA code, CLT, was a bit obscene…

  • Sara

    Fukuoka International Airport (FUK) Japan

  • The man who notices things

    I’m amazed – Sioux City ALWAYS makes the codes –


  • Mary

    On a similar topic….does anyone know the reason for the Canadian airports nearly always starting with “Y” for their code? I’m sure there is an explanation for this, eh?

  • Richard Pazara

    Wenatchee, Washington has Alaska Air service but not non-stop to Fresno,CA. Too bad because the city pair would be EAT FAT