Would you sleep in a wigwam?


Newsday published an entertaining story about unusual hotels. It features everything from sleeping in a wigwam to a railroad car or a library to a covered wagon. Enjoy the slide show.

Going through this slide show is worth it just for the visuals and suggestions of places most of us have never heard of. Click here for the full slide show.

This list includes notes and photos about staying in plenty of unusual spots — a wigwam, covered wagon, library, railway car, the Lizzie Borden B&B, heart-shaped tub, a lighthouse, a tree house, a cave, a helicopter and underwater.

Do any of you have other unusual hotels or B&Bs?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ticketsjapan Sara

    Sleeping in ancient temples in Japan.

  • claudia carbone

    I’ve slept in my son’s teepee nestled at the base of the 14,294-foot Crestone Peak in South-Central Colorado. There’s nothing like waking up to looking at the blue sky through the hole at the apex of the teepee while a small wood stove warms you all over!

  • Clive

    Yurts – heavy, animal-skin tents that originated in the mountains of Central Asia – are all the rage in the UK at the moment. Trouble is, as far as I can see, that unless you choose your site very carefully, you open your yurt in the moming not a magnificent mountain vista, but to a close-up view of the next yurt in the row. That hasn’t stopped my wife collecting brochures, though.