Tripso Weekend/December 30, 2007


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Tripso Columns

Mammoth goes for the big time
Mammoth Mountain, already one of North America’s largest and most-visited ski and snowboard areas, took its first steps into the category of true destination resort last month with the opening of the Westin Monache Resort in Mammoth Lakes, at the base of the mountain. (Charles Leocha)

Help! I’m stuck with a ticket I didn’t buy
Denise Reed calls Delta Air Lines to get a price quote for a flight between Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Memphis. Or so she thinks. A few days later, she gets a bill For the flight. Now Delta won’t return her money, saying its tickets are nonrefundable. Is Reed out of luck? (Christopher Elliott)

The high price of high-price hotels
Hotel room rates are hitting record highs and the extra fees add up quickly at a five-star hotel. There are occupancy taxes, resort fees, the Wi-Fi access charge, gym fees – you name it. But it doesn’t stop there. Tim Leffel reveals the “unseen luxury tax” — six unexpected ways luxury hotels will cost you even more than you think. (Tim Leffel)

Holiday happenings at the airport
There’s something about an airport that brings out the wackiness in people, especially around the holidays. Maybe it’s the excitement of leaving the everyday world behind. Maybe it’s having an audience. Whatever it is, people stage some pretty crazy holiday stunts at the airport. James Wysong reprises his top 10 holiday airport sightings. (James Wysong)

Merry Christmas to my cruise mates
It’s Christmas Eve – high tide of the holiday season – time to raise a wassail cup to toast another year of adventures at sea. Our cruise columnist, Anita Dunham-Potter, wishes her fellow voyagers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with 25 wishes for the year to come. (Anita Dunham-Potter)

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