Tripso Weekend/July 27, 2007



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Tripso Columns

Six jeers for Six Flags
Baseball, hot dogs, beer, beach trips and amusement parks are all staples of summer. This week, a disappointing experience at a local theme park has John Frenaye thinking about the future of summertime fun in a world of Disney-sized expectations. (John Frenaye)

Help! Our suite is swamped
Linda Cohn’s room at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Resort is waterlogged in the wake of a hurricane. She checks into another hotel with the understanding that she’ll get back the loyalty points that she used to pay for her visit. Nine months later, the loyalty points are still missing. What gives? (Christopher Elliott)

European prices: not so outrageous after all
To hear the travel press tell it, European prices are so sky-high that travelers should just unpack and stay home. Not so! Charlie Leocha has just returned from two weeks in Spain with a pocket full of receipts to prove it. (Charles Leocha)

10 ways to keep cool while flying
It wasn’t that long ago that we were complaining about the brutally cold winter that caused endless delays and cancellations. Now we find ourselves in the grip of the hot stale air of summer. The airports are packed with vacationing tourists, and things are literally heating up. James Wysong reprises some tips for keeping cool at the airport. (James Wysong)

No passport, no travel
Stephanie and Kevin Hemphill were psyched about their upcoming family cruise to the Caribbean. It was a well-planned trip, and the Hemphills were aware of new passport rules, so they applied for their passports 11 weeks in advance. It wasn’t enough. Anita Dunham-Potter tells the story. (Anita Dunmahm-Potter)

This week in travel

Southwest tests new ways of boarding families
Can airlines do a better job of accommodating families? That’s the question Southwest Airlines is asking by experimenting with various ways to board and seat traveling families.

Man misses flight, creates bomb scare
A man who had missed his flight Wednesday said there was a bomb aboard the plane, forcing it to return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport even though authorities did not believe the threat was legitimate, an airport spokeswoman said.

TSA: Airport incidents may be terror ‘dry runs’
Airport security officers should be on the lookout for possible “dry runs” for a terror attack, federal officials advised, after a series of suspicious incidents at U.S. airports. In one case, a plastic bag with a block of cheese was found taped to a bag with a cell phone charger.

Air controllers say working conditions dangerous
Air traffic controllers say poor maintenance of their aging work places has hampered and harmed them and could endanger the flying public.

Brazil air chaos ripples overseas
Brazil’s aviation crisis rippled overseas, stranding passengers at several U.S. airports and giving foreigners a taste of the chaos and anxiety Brazilian travelers have felt for months.

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